Michigan State University – den äkta collegeupplevelsen

Per Liestam, 9 sep, 2015

Nu är det bara några dagar kvar innan det är dags för Öppet Hus på vårt kontor. Ett av de universitet som kommer finnas representerade är Michigan State University i form av Chris McKenzie. MSU är en favorit bland oss på kontoret och perfekt för dig som vill ha den äkta amerikanska collegekänslan! Vi lyckades stoppa Chris i några minuter för att ställa lite frågor inför lördagen.

You are coming to meet with our students at Open House, September 12. What are the 3 things that you absolutely can’t travel without?
I’m a bit of a minimalist when a travel but 3 things I can’t travel without are

  1. my iPhone
  2. my research on interesting places to see and dine in the country I’m visiting and
  3. my Fjallraven rucksack
Chris McKenzie arbetar på MSU.
Chris McKenzie arbetar på MSU.

Tell us about your role at MSU and how it all started.
I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world! Essentially it combines my skill of marketing, recruitment, teaching and student services with my passion for research, travel and discovery.

I travel all over Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Latin America and Australia working with universities, organizations, and students so that students can come to Michigan State for a semester or academic year. Once they’re on campus I get to play host and show off our campus, our State, and the American Midwest. I also get to collaborate with our incredible faculty to design programs for international students.

What’s the best thing with being a student at MSU?
The vibe at MSU is awesome. We say as soon as you set foot on our campus you are a Michigan State Spartan for life and it is proven over and over again with each international student that comes to campus.

The other thing that is cool about being an MSU student is that our campus definitely has a ”work hard play hard” mentality. What I mean by that is that we are a top 100 academic institution in the world but also have a very social community of students.

Is there any programs or courses that are really cool and that Swedish students should try to enrol in? What is the new and hype thing at the school?
MSU has so many cool programs it is hard to narrow it down to just a few but one of my current favorites is the User Experience program. This program is for students who are into computer science but are also creative. It is housed in our College of Arts and Letters (a computer program in the art faculty). Basically the program focuses on how to design and improve a users experience on a computer, the web, or with social media. To me this fits nicely with the Swedish mentality of being highly creative/fashionalbe with high functionality.

A few other programs that I love to talk to Swedish students about are; Documentary Flim, Textile Design, Nutrition and Kinesiology (sports science), Food Law and Food science, Hospitality Business, and an interdisciplinary course of economics, public policy and law

How many international students do you have at MSU and what are the different nationalities?
MSU has over 7,000 international students each year from 130 countries but you will find approximately 50 or less students from all of scandinavia combined.

Upplev collegelivet på MSU.
Upplev collegelivet på MSU.

How is East Lansing as a city to live in for students?
Students love East Lansing! It is the quintessential college town; alive with students, art/film/music festival, coffee houses, restaurants, and shops. In the past it has been voted as one of the friendliest college towns in the United States. If you come to campus you will see and experience it for yourself, I promise!

What’s the best thing with Sweden and Swedish students?
OMG that is such an easy question to answer. Swedish students fit right in to MSU culture and campus. Students are smart, social and have a strong sense of community (see the answer to #1). They also know what they want, are self directed and motivated but totally willing to try new things.

On your desk, what is the most random/fun thing you have but that also represents you?
I have a banana made out of legos. My five year old son, Wesley, made it for me one day before I left to go to work. I often complain I am so busy I don’t have time to eat. He told me it was a magic banana and that I would never be hungry again.

Do you have an IKEA warehouse in Lansing? Or closest one.
Yes, the only IKEA in Michigan is about 90 minutes from East Lansing by car. I use IKEA furniture to decorate my booth when I go to large conferences in the US.

How would you like to welcome our students to our Open House on Saturday?
When student comes up to my table at an open house they are guaranteed a smile and a warm introduction. Then we talk and I listen a lot to find out what they really want to do. My philosophy is simple; work with a student to help then have the best study abroad experience they can whether that is at MSU or somewhere else in the world.

Sista chansen att anmäla dig!

Vill du komma på vårt Öppna Hus på lördag mellan kl 12.00-15.00 och träffa Chris från MSU och många andra skolrepresentanter så går det fortfarande bra att anmäla sig på vår hemsida.

Vi ses på lördag!

Per Liestam

Previous Marketing Manager