Sjö i Lettland

Application for Riga Stradins University

Let’s get started with your application to Riga Stradins University

Glad you want to apply to Riga Stradins University in Latvia! We will help you through the entire application process and the first step is for you to send in the documents below to There is generally a lot of pressure on the application to Riga, so we ask you to submit all documents within 10 days.

NOTE! The documents should be scanned and converted to PDF before emailing them.

Copy of passport

The page with your picture and all personal information.

High school grades

The school needs your grades in both in Norwegian/Finnish and English. Please note that they must be official copies from your high school.


The picture must be in colour, no more than six months old, light background and taken from the front of your face from the shoulders, like a passport picture. Selfies are not allowed.

Letter of Motivation

Fill in this form and justify why you want to study at Riga Stradins University. It is fine to fill in the form on the computer, but note that you must then print the document and sign by hand.

Letter of Recommendation

You should send this form to two different teachers/course leaders/employers who can be your references. It is fine to fill in the form on the computer, but the signature must be by hand, with a pen and must then be scanned.

What happens next?

When we have received all the documents and the application is complete, you will receive the RSU’s account details to be able to pay the application fee of 100 EUR. It then takes a couple of weeks for them to process it.

Please note that the school has a registration fee of 1500 EUR for you who are admitted.

You are always welcome to contact me at or 08-509 106 09 if you have questions or concerns!