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Application to Santa Barbara City College

Get started with your application to SBCC

We ar every excited about your application to Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) and hope you are too!  The university campus is situated in a fantastic location a 2 minute walk from the beach of the Pacific Ocean. We will help you through the entire application process and the first step will be to send the following documents to

Copy of passport

We need a copy of your passport (the page with the picture of you and all your personal information). A scanned copy of a picture of the passport page is accepted. Please note that the passport must be valid.

High school grades

Please submit your high school grades in English. Note that the document must be an official copy from your high school. First check if your high school can arrange a translation to English. They should be able to according to EU regulation, but if not you need to find an authorized translator who can provide you with an English copy. 

Financial Statement and bank letter

In order for Santa Barbara City College to issue a document called I-20 that you will need to apply for a student visa, they need to see that you can afford both tuition and living expenses in the United States. SBCC has therefore set $ 26,400 as a financial requirement, which students who want to study at SBCC need to show that they have access to. To account for your finances, you need to fill out and sign a form called ”Financial Statement”. You can download the form here.

Check-in form

Please fill in and sign the two forms called Check-in-Form where contact information for close relatives and approval of the school’s rules and guidelines is requested. The form is downloaded here.

Third Party Form

Please accept that we at Blueberry handle your personal information during the application process by filling in the Third Party Form. Please write Blueberry College & University above third party individual agency, organization.

Application fee receipt 

To apply to SBCC there is an application fee of 75USD. Payment can be made here. When the payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation, which you need to send to us by email together with the other documents.

Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

SBCC Vaqueros

Are you interested in joining one of SBCC’s sports teams? It’s a great way to meet other students at school while enjoying college culture in the United States. You can read here about which sports teams are at SBCC. You will also find contact information for coaches and coaches via the page, which you can contact directly yourself if you have specific questions regarding training, level, matches and the like.

When you send the required documents to us, also state which sports team you are interested in joining and we will add it to your application to SBCC. Then you will receive more information directly from the school about the sports team and how to join.

What happens next?

Once we have received all the documents, we will create an account for you on SBCC’s application website and register your application. After the application is registered, it takes about 2-3 weeks before we return to you with a message. We will also help you apply for loans and grants from CSN as well as student visas to the USA later in the process.

It is important that you read through all the emails that come from both us and Santa Barbara City College so that you do not miss important information. We at Blueberry help you  throughout the process! You are always welcome to contact me at or +468-408 884 86 if you have any questions or concerns!