Sweden’s Study Abroad Fair – September 23rd 2023

For the 7th time we will host a fair using the much appreciated platform from Virtual Days which has since our last fair improved further in technological functionalities and design. If you haven’t participated in our virtual fairs before or would like to submit new materials, please use the guidelines below.

The virtual fair will be open between 10am – 12pm CEST on September 23rd 2023.


Requirements: 206×560 pixels (vertical), one image, png. or jpg.
The roll-up can include both images and text, be aware that the roll-up is small so any text should be of bigger size and clear towards the background if it’s to be visible. The roll-up can look like a real roll-up used in physical fairs or just be one full image of campus, nature, students or similar.


Requirements: 580×307 pixels, maximum 3 images, png. or jpg.
This image or images can be of the campus, nature, students or similar.


Requirements: 580×307 pixels, png. or jpg.

Institute description

Requirements: 50-150 words, black.
A small presentation of your institution with information such as when it was founded, number of students, locations and subject areas offered – whatever brief first information you think the students should have.

Pre-recorded webinar

Requirements: YouTube link, 10-15 (max) minutes, Swedish or English.
Please use any type of recording such as Zoom or similar to record your webinar, then upload it to YouTube as unlisted. We can help you with this if you don’t have access to a YouTube account. The webinar should be directed to Swedish students. You are free to focus on what you want but a good idea is to look at what most students from Sweden generally ask for and shows interest in. It is of course fine to ask Blueberry for feedback regarding this.

The webinar can also be made by a Swedish student telling their story or have a specific topic and title such as ‘how to create a portfolio’ or ‘do you want a career in digital marketing?’. After last fair we received feedback from students that some webinars were too long for this context. Please keep it to 10-15 minutes.

Social Media Channels

Requirements: One link each to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
This is optional, however to include links (will show as symbols) in your booth to your social media channels are appreciated by students. Please note the system can only put in one link each.

Promo Video

Requirements: Maximum 3 videos, YouTube links.
Most universities have a YouTube channel where you can choose your top 1-3 best videos to promote the university. These videos should be short, only a few minutes maximum. Another option is to ask a (preferably) Swedish students to record themselves saying a few words of their experience studying at your university and upload to youtube or send directly to us. If you use a student the student can speak in either Swedish or English.


Requirements: Maximum 3 items – Size can’t be more than 10MB each.
Please send in PDF format 1-3 brochures or leaflets. Our feedback is that the brochures/leaflets should be easy to digest and not more than a few pages. Full course catalogues are better sent as links in the chat if asked for.

Representative Information

Requirements: Full name, email, title/position
The representatives will be given a log in and should be the person active during the full fair.

Avatar image

Requirements: High resolution picture on white background or green screen. The picture should be taken from the knees and up.
Having an avatar of the representative is a great feature to make the fair more personalized. This avatar will be shown behind the desk in the booth.

The deadline to send in materials is September 1st, however we appreciate to receive everything at your earliest convenience. Send it by email to sofia@blueberry.nu.

If you took part in our February 2023 fair and would like to reuse the materials please let us know and you won’t have to submit it again as we have everything saved from that event.