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PreMed online course

Blueberry’s PreMed course prepares you for entrance exams for medical studies

Have you always dreamed of studying medicine but realized that the competition is high, and it is difficult to get accepted to a medicine program in your own country? Do not lose hope! It is usually easier to be accepted to a doctor, dentist, or veterinary program abroad through the universities’ entrance exams. You are mainly tested in chemistry and biology, and to increase the chances of being accepted, many choose to take a ”pre-medical course.”

We at Blueberry want to help you fulfill your dreams to pursue a medicine education. It is crucial to be well prepared before doing entrance exams. Based on the knowledge needed and the questions asked at the test, Blueberry has produced our own PreMed course. The course is specially designed to prepare you in the best way so that you can pass the entrance exam and start your medical studies.

Why take the PreMed course?

  • Practice your English and medical terms
  • You will get test samples taken from real tests
  • Chance to seek one scholarship of 50% of the course fee
  • Fantastic teachers! Armin, who also teach medical students at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and Veronica, who is a top-rated biology subject teacher

How does PreMed work?

  • Blueberry’s PreMed course is Hybrid (blended). It combines video-recorded online lectures with walkthroughs where various concepts from the teaching video are explained, and our knowledgeable teachers can directly answer individual questions.
  • You will receive both group and individually tailored teaching, which distinguishes Blueberry’s PreMed from many other PreMed courses offered.
  • The course runs for 12 weeks with an average of two video-recorded lectures in chemistry and biology per week. For those applying to a university where the test also includes physics, there is the option of adding physics to the course package.
  • Between lectures, you will receive tasks related to the content of the lessons, and during the course, you will take practice tests designed like the actual entrance exam.
  • You have access to the video lectures for four months.

What do you need to study the PreMed-course?

All you need for the PreMed-course is a computer. Blueberry uses the well-established platform Learnster, which we have extensive experience with, and which is a platform praised by our lecturers and students. Learnster is very user-friendly and is designed to create and maintain engagement. Via Learnster, you will receive lots of information, questions to practice, and other things that will facilitate the entrance exam. The video lessons on the course are recorded in HD, so you get the most realistic experience possible.

What happens if you don’t pass the entrance exam?

If you do not pass the entrance exam, you can take our PreMed course one more time, free of charge.


When can you start the course?

Courses start in January, March and September.

January 9th – March 31st (12 weeks)
March 27th – June 16th (12 weeks)
September 25th – December 15th (12 weeks)

What is the cost of the PreMed-course?

The cost of the course is SEK 23,500.


Which universities can you apply to?

The course prepares you for entrance exams to medical universities in Europe. The following universities are schools that we at Blueberry represent and recommend our students. They have entrance exams for medical-, dental-, or veterinary education:


Biology – Veronika Åsman
Veronika has long experience of teaching and of research work in biology.

Chemistry – Armin Aminy
Armin also teaches medicine at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, one of the world’s foremost medical universities.

Course literature:

All course literature is included in the course fee, and the books used are Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology and Basic Chemistry. These cost about SEK 700 and SEK 800, respectively.

Click here to view the PreMed syllabus.

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