Jessica Isomoto jobbar med internationella studenter på Blueberrys partneruniversitet California State University Northridge i metropolen Los Angeles. Här berättar Jessica allt du behöver veta om att studera utomlands på CSU Northridge!

Jessica Isomoto
Jessica Isomoto

Hi Jessie! Tell us about you and your role at CSU Northridge?

I am the Program Manager for the Semester at CSUN (SAC) study abroad program. I travel to Europe to recruit students, welcome the students at SAC Orientation, and serve as the advisor for our students’ academic and student life needs.

Name one thing that you can only get at CSU Northridge?

We are really good at personal attention and support. The International Programs & Partnerships office has an expert team to provide guidance on academics, campus life, local events, and transitioning to a new city. The Semester at CSUN (SAC) program is directly served by myself and another advisor, Natalie, who will get to know each student throughout the first few weeks of school. Even though CSUN is a campus of thousands, as an SAC student, you will always have a place to go where the staff recognizes you and knows your name. We are proud to provide this comfort and service to our international students.

What surprises people the most about your university?

How big the campus is! CSU Northridge is one of the largest public universities in California and our campus covers 144 hectares. Students don’t just come to campus for class, they stay all day to enjoy access to our excellent fitness center and wellness center, sports fields, library, student union, orange grove and botanical garden, restaurants, and many open places to sit and relax outdoors.

How many students do you have and how many of them are international students?

We have 42,000 students at our campus, and about 4,000 are international students. Most of our international students are studying for full degrees at CSUN; approx. 500 per year are visiting for just one semester or one year. In other words you will have a genuine American study experience when coming here!

Do you have a lot of Swedish students?

No, which makes CSUN a great place to experience something different. Our students, staff and faculty mirror the diversity of the city of Los Angeles. Over 100 countries are represented at CSUN by international students, and many American students and faculty still have strong cultural ties to their family’s country of origin.

Which programs and courses are open for Swedish students? Do you have a favorite of your own?

Most of our programs and courses are open to visiting students in the Semester at CSUN program. Our previous Swedish students have enjoyed courses in business, marketing, art, media, communication, political science, sociology, urban and cultural studies, theatre performance, astronomy, engineering management, and more. One of my favorite collection of courses can be found in our Sustainability minor and Environmental Health major: we offer a variety of interdisciplinary courses on environmental issues and best practices to support a healthy and sustainable planet.

What can international students expect from studying at CSU Northridge?

Students can expect a real American university experience, including dormitory living, student clubs, frequent events on campus like concerts, farmers markets, and other student activities, sporting events, a campus mascot named Matty the Matador, fraternities and sororities, large classes in lecture halls as well as small seminars in classrooms, and a busy, vibrant campus full of people wearing CSUN gear with our school colors (red and black).

How would you describe San Fernando Valley, where the university is located?

The San Fernando Valley is the northwestern part of the city of Los Angeles. It is a large region made up of suburbs where a lot of celebrities live, major network and movie studios, restaurants, and entertainment and shopping districts. Northridge is a ”university town” in a residential area that is generally at a lower cost of living than Los Angeles’ city center.

What are the students’ favorite things to do when they’re not at the Campus?

Students love to explore California through low-cost trips hosted by the CSUN Outdoor Adventures group to our national parks, mountains and beaches. We are centrally located to many popular locations: it’s a 30-45-minute drive to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, an hour drive to Disneyland, a 3-hour drive to San Diego, and a 4.5-hour drive to Las Vegas.

What 3 things nearby are an absolute must to visit?

We begin each semester with a ”Welcome to L.A.” tour, offered free for all of our Semester at CSUN students. The stops include major L.A. attractions to check off your list: Hollywood Boulevard; the Griffith Observatory, which offers excellent views of the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood Sign, and Downtown Los Angeles; and Santa Monica, including Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade shopping and dining district.

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