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Will Tregidga är Head of International Development på Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) i Nya Zeeland. Will har lyxen att bo i en av världens vackraste regioner och jobba på för en skola som skiljer sig från mängden. Här berättar han varför du ska välja NMIT om du vill uppleva Nya Zeeland på riktigt och få ”The Genuine Kiwi Experience” samtidigt som du får en högklassig utbildning som ger jobb. Som Will säger: Haere mai ki Aotearoa! (“Welcome to New Zealand!”)

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Will Tregidga


Hi Will! To begin with, what makes NMIT unique?

  1. Work Ready: NMIT really prepares students for work – never do you think, why am I studying this? Everything we teach is applied to real life situations that will benefit you when you head out to work upon graduation.

2. Supportive and Friendly: We are a small institute with small class sizes, we are there to help you through the tough times and celebrate your achievements!

3. Amazing locations: Not only is New Zealand amazing as a destination, but NMIT’s campuses are in three of the top places to live. If you love big cities, head to our Auckland campus. If you love the outdoors and beaches, head to the main campus in Nelson. And, if you want to make a career in the wine industry, visit our campus in the world famous Marlborough wine region!

Why is New Zealand in general and NMIT in particular such a good choice for international students?

New Zealand regularly tops world measures for quality of education, and with over 100 years of history as a government owned education intuition, NMIT is part of that. New Zealand is the place to come for top quality education, while also getting to enjoy all the wonderful nature around a country filled with friendly locals!

How many international students do you have and what do they study?

We have about 1,000 international students studying everything from Bachelor Degrees or Study Abroad semester to Graduate and Postgraduates Diplomas. Business and IT are really popular subjects just to name two.

Do you have any favorite programs of your own that you would like to highlight?

Our single semester study abroad programme is a real hidden gem! We only had 6 students this year from overseas (Europe and USA) join us, so it is a real chance to have an authentic kiwi experience away from a lot of other students from Europe. We have a fantastic Maori studies course where you get to sleep overnight at a real Maori meeting house and learn about Maori culture. We also have great marine conservation courses which will get you out of the classroom on field trips every week! We believe more than just talking to you in a classroom is the best way of learning.

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NMIT:s field trips bjuder på oförglömliga upplevelser

Besides the main campus on the southern island, NMIT also has a campus in Auckland. What is the biggest difference between them?

Our Nelson campus is the largest with thousands of students across a wide range of programmes, whereas our Auckland campus is a specialised graduate school for graduate and postgraduate studies in business and IT.

What are the 3 best things about the Nelson-Marlborough region?

  1. The weather: We have the most sunshine hours in New Zealand!
  2. The national parks: We are surrounded by them, and the number of outdoor adventures you can have on foot, bike, boat or board are phenomenal! Some mountain trails are just 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre and sandy beaches are within 5 minutes’ drive!
  3. The friendly people: The Nelson Marlborough region is one of New Zealand’s most popular vacation spots, so it makes even the locals very relaxed and friendly.

Which nearby attractions should not be missed when studying at NMIT?

1. Abel Tasman National Park: Lush green native subtropical forest gives way to golden sand beaches and beautiful green blue water.
2. Marlborough Sounds: Mountain biking, hiking and boating opportunities abound in New Zealand’s largest wine region (80% of New Zealand’s wine come from Marlborough).
3. Nelson Market: One of New Zealand’s largest Saturday morning markets is in Nelson city. Nelson is a hub of NZ fresh food production and art, so the market is a great place to browse and buy.

Plugga i Nya Zeeland NMIT på blueberry.nu
Abel Tasman National Park

Is there anything else you want to say to Swedish students thinking about studying in New Zealand at NMIT?

New Zealand is about as far away from Sweden as you can get in the world, but you will not find a more welcoming place than NMIT! We are here to provide you with a great learning and living experience in one of the most beautiful and fun locations in the world – Haere mai ki Aotearoa! (“Welcome to New Zealand” in Maori language).

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