Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology är universitetet där du kan studera allt ifrån marinbiologi till IT och få kvalitativ utbildning samtidigt som du får bo i staden Nelson – en av de bästa platserna i Nya Zeeland sett till dess klimat. Studenter på universitet uppskattar även närheten till naturen: “I like how in Nelson you can go from town straight into the woods in five minutes’ walk,” och små klasser med lärare som är duktiga på vad de lär ut. 

Vi har pratat med Will Tregidga, Head of International Development på NMIT och här får vi veta mer om vad som utmärker universitetet bland alla andra…

Hi Will! Please tell us a what do you think makes NMIT so unique?
NMIT has over 100 years of history and is ranked in the top category of institution by the New Zealand government. Class sizes are small, so you get to know the teacher and other students well, and we make sure our studies are very interactive – we often get out of the classroom and study real-world issues and contexts in the local community.

studera utomlands i nya zeeland, Nelson, NMIT, kajak, äventyr, paddla

Why is New Zealand and Nelson in particular such a good choice for international students?
NMIT is located downtown in the destination city of Nelson. Nelson is one of the top cities for tourists to visit, and for good reason. The region is blessed with great weather, beautiful beaches, outdoor activities aplenty and some of the friendliest people on the planet!

How many international students is studying at NMIT and what do they usually study?
In 2018 we had 969 international students at NMIT, mostly studying business, IT and English language. Many of our Scandinavian students come to study abroad for a semester, and chose a wide range of courses from all of NMIT’s Bachelor degrees.

Do you have any favorite programs of your own that you would like to highlight?
We think one of the programmes that will become more popular with Swedish students is our new Bachelor of Computer Generated Imagery.  Students can come for the whole three year degree, or just for a single semester to try it out. We have a purpose-built lab designed in collaboration with New Zealand and Hollywood game and digital film design studios. 15 students are able to join this elite programme each year and learn from industry experts, it really is a remarkable and wonderful programme we are lucky enough to have in a small city like Nelson. This degree leads to fantastic job opportunities through the skills and industry connections given by the teachers. Another great course is for science students, in the July – November semester students can take a marine biology course where there is a field trip to a tropical island included! 

What is the latest news from your campus?
Aside from the new Bachelor in Computer Generated Imagery, which I have to mention again because it is so cool and we are very proud of it, we are growing our study abroad programme. In February 2019 we are welcoming 12 students from across Europe and North America to study a range of courses across our degrees.  Nelson, located in the centre of New Zealand, is the perfect base to do a semester of study and explore the famous natural environment of New Zealand.

Besides the obvious perks such as weather and nature, what are the three best things about Nelson?
Cafe and art scene – the best of any small city in New Zealand!
Walkable/Bikeable – the city is small enough you can walk anywhere, and there are excellent bike paths to the suburbs further away.
Friendly – When I moved here 2 years ago I was amazed at how strangers will smile and greet you in the street. I think because this is a laid-back summer vacation city, people are generally very happy and friendly. There are many community events happening regularly in the city as well.

Abel tasman national park
Abel Tasman National Park

Which nearby attractions should not be missed when studying at NMIT?
Abel Tasman National Park – great sea kayaking and hiking around beautiful golden beaches and green/blue water – it’s paradise!
All the river walks into the forest, hills and past cafes around campus.
Fourth busiest airport in New Zealand, you can access the rest of New Zealand easily from our location in the middle of the country.

Is there anything else you want to say to Swedish students thinking about studying at the NMIT?
New Zealand is the furthest in the world you can study abroad from Sweden, but with the warmest welcome awaiting you. We can’t wait to have you studying here at NMIT with us!

Thank you Will! 

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Johanna Aspeteg

Marketing Manager